Hi! My name is Dr. Kelly and I am an animal scientist!

My specialty is in animals that have scales, including snakes, lizards, and fishes! Outside of my research I have always love learning about all kinds of animals!

During the Covid-19 shutdown I set up a box where neighbors could ask me questions about animals and I would respond in written form. I love answering these questions and started this site to continue answering them! I'm in a transition period in my career for the next few months so I will likely be slow to respond, but I will respond!

Nathan Greenslit is a marine biologists and answers questions too! Look for his answers indicated by a special ocean scientist logo!

Our logos are designed by Linda Black

If you have any questions please email me: AskAnAnimalScientist@gmail.com

I'll respond on the answered questions page with a short response & link to content where you can learn more!

I am not an expert on all animals, but I have a pretty good network of fellow scientists, so if I can't answer your question I'll find the scientist who can!

As an animal scientist I must warn you that not all of your questions have answers...yet!

I hope this site inspires you to think about the animals you see in your own life

& wonder about how they do what they do!